NON LEAGUE PLAYER BOOTCAMP 2021 (Register Interest Now)

Would you like to give yourself a head start this coming season?

ADM Football Hub are going to offering a training camp for any players currently playing at step 3-6 of the English football league. Each session will be run by UEFA B licence coaches and will be delivered once a week leading up to pre-season. We would lke to give players around the area the chance to catch up and forge ahead after the amount of football we have missed this past year due to COVID. This will be a great opportunity for the local non league players to train hard and collaberate with players alike to share practice and stay focused ahead of the new season. Get in touch below to reserve a place.

Places will be limited to 20 and cost is £60.00 for 6 sessions which can be paid in full or weekly.

Sessions to include

SAQ warm-ups

Aims to improve the players’ ability to perform explosive multi-directional movements by reprogramming the neuromuscular system to work effectively. SAQ training is an acronym for Speed Agility and Quickness training. These will often be integrated into drills and other sessions and activities.

Technical Practices

We will be including some technical coaching sessions throughout the 6- week programme which will in hand improve the players on the ball, (dribbling, passing & receiving, shooting, body combat type practices also included.


The basic objective of the group with overload advantage is to keep possession of the ball while the objective of the group with fewer players is to win the ball back.
ADM will give you a small taster of what they look like in practice and help to improve attacking and defending principles.

High Tempo Possession practices

These types of practises will work on a few elements of the game (in possession, out of possession, transition) the idea of these are to get the players to move the ball quickly against an under load to break lines, switch play quickly and create overload to penetrate in games. Off the ball defenders will be coached to be aggressive to press.

Sessions to include

Small Sided games

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Potential Fixture

ADM hope to arrange a friendly fixture against a team from step 3-6 during the off season to allow the players to stay sharp leading into pre-season.

Video Clips

ADM coaches plan to film each training session on the go pro and provide clips and videos for players to use as analysis to improve their own individual game.

Let’s make something together.